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Louisiana Estate Planning & Elder Law Blog

Estate Planning 101: Wills vs. Trusts

Sep 1, 2021 9:15:00 AM

Wills and trusts are two of the most commonly used estate planning documents, and they form the foundation of most estate plans. While both documents are legal vehicles designed to distribute your assets to your loved ones upon your death, the way in which they work is quite different.


How Sleep Patterns Change as We Age

Sep 1, 2021 8:00:00 AM

We often hear - “I did not sleep well at all last night” from family or friends. Or perhaps "I kept waking up with my mind racing and couldn't fall back to sleep." Sleep patterns tend to change, and that is perfectly normal as we grow older. Research shows that older adults may require less sleep than in younger years as they typically experience decreased physical activity.


What You Should Know About Interdictions

Aug 31, 2021 4:32:34 PM

Whether through illness, injury, or other means, anyone can require a guardian to become appointed if they become mentally incapacitated. In such cases, if there is no estate planning in place (or insufficient planning), the court process in probate court must appoint a curator.


How Does a Special Needs Trust Work?

Aug 25, 2021 8:15:00 AM

A trust is set up to manage a person’s assets and property, and this trust is overseen by an appointed person. The person or entity who manages the trust is known as the “trustee” and is entrusted with the responsibility of making decisions in the best interest of the person who benefits from the trust, known as the beneficiary. Trusts are advantageous because they provide the ability to place conditions on how and when your assets will be...


Rethinking the Role Role Life Insurance Plays in Your Estate and Financial Planning

Aug 19, 2021 9:30:00 AM

If you hold assets in a retirement account, you need to review your financial plan and estate plan as soon as possible to determine if investing in life insurance or some other strategy may offer tax-saving benefits for you and your family. To help you with this process, here we’ll discuss how these new developments might affect the taxes owed by you and your heirs, and how investing in life insurance may help offset the tax impact of these...


Could You Lose Your Right to Vote in a Guardianship?

Aug 18, 2021 8:15:00 PM

Your right to vote is one of the most important rights you have as a citizen, but this right could be lost if you become a ward in a guardianship. Having a strong power of attorney is essential to avoid that drastic, but little-known, consequence.


Rapper DMX Dies With No Will, Millions in Debt, and 15 Children—Part 1

Aug 17, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Legendary hip hop artist DMX—born Earl Simmons—passed away on April 9 at age 50 after suffering a massive heart attack a week earlier at his home in White Plains, New York. The heart attack was reportedly triggered by a cocaine overdose on April 2, which left the rapper hospitalized in a coma. After a week of lingering in a vegetative state, his family made the decision to remove him from life support.


Don't Forget To Protect Your Fur Babies: Estate Planning For Your Pets

Aug 12, 2021 9:50:00 AM

It’s sad but true that many pets end up in shelters after their owner dies or becomes incapacitated. In fact, the Humane Society estimates that between 100,00 to 500,000 pets are placed in shelters each year for exactly this reason, and a large number of these animals are ultimately euthanized.


The Sandwich Generation – Stuck in the Middle

Aug 11, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Do you find yourself working, caring for your own kids and spouse, your parents, and yourself? That makes you part of the Sandwich Generation. You are not alone—almost half of America’s 40- and 50-year old's are in the same boat.


Key Things to Look for in a Tax Relief Firm

Aug 9, 2021 4:01:00 PM

No one wants to be on the bad side of the IRS, yet that is where millions of taxpayers find themselves each and every year. As enforcement efforts ramp up at the IRS, the number of letters and communications landing in mailboxes is continuing to increase and one of them could land in your mailbox.